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Sichuan Tianqiu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd

Anesthetic Sedativr Stimulant Hallucinogen Nootropic Cannabinoid

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Sichuan Tianqiu Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. It is a comprehensive trading company specializing in the production and distribution of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, pigments, dyes, chemical additives and food additives.The company is located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, transportation is very convenient.The company has a wealth of international trade experience and advanced chemical industry professionals, with the right to import and export. It has established stable and reliable cooperation with Southeast Asian, European, and South American countries in parts of North Africa and indeed chemical factories and trading companies. The company pays attention to the process control of product quality, has a perfect marketing network in the domestic and international markets, and has won excellent reputation among many customers. Some of the company's products have a certain advantage in the domestic and international.The company upholds the corporate val... [Detailed introduction]
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