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By ordering products from ChemicalBus you are agreeing with following Terms & Conditions.

We strongly advise to read the statements below, consider them and be aware of them before purchasing any products from our site.

All products are only for research purposes only. Not for human consumption. Not intend for purchase and possession by person under 18 age.

Your responsibility is: Get familiar with terms & conditions before place an order. Ensure that product which you ordering is legal for import and posses in your country/region.

1. ChemicalBus is the platform of pharmaceutical intermediates. In this field, many of old products are illegal in many countries. We don't allow the sale of any illegal products, especially illegal in China.

2. Ensure that all compound are supplied strictly for research use only, primarily reagent testing and GC/MS reference, in proper designated areas, with all necessary equipment and safety procedures in place.

3. Person under 18 age can't buy products on this, and don't allow any vendors to sale products to them.

4. To prevent abuse and to facilitate our customers access to legal information we have started a database with a collection of several drug and pharmaceutical laws. Please help us to expand this database by sharing links. All the information you will find on this website is without any guarantees.

5. We are not responsible for any harms of any person or property, because of improper usage.

6. You are agreeing to indemnify ChemicalBus against prosecution and accepting responsibility for all ordered products as the importer.

We may change these Terms and Conditions at any given time and we are not under obligation to notify you for such changes. By ordering from ChemicalBus and accepting the Terms and Conditions, you are responsible for the infringement of these Terms and Conditions.

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